Zwift is the app with a world of ways to get fit
Thousands of workouts that fit your schedule.
Hundreds of kilometers to ride, from alpine climbs to beachside flats.
Personalized training plans that adapt to your progress.
Join a group ride 24/7, 365 days a year.
Flagship tours & events.
Racing for every level, from beginner events to national championships.
Ride, reward, repeat: unlock new levels and in-game rewards.
Ride with a million-strong global community, all chasing their fitness goals.

How to Ride on Zwift

Getting set up on Zwift is easy with the dedicated smart bike, Zwift Ride. Or pick a smart trainer for your outdoor bike.

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"As a professional cyclist, optimizing training time is crucial. With Zwift, I can seamlessly integrate quality sessions into my busy schedule and ride with friends anytime to keep it fun."

Level 31 (Bike)

"I like using Zwift before and after races because it allows the Zwift community to be closer to our team, no matter where they are supporting from in the world. People can watch our races, then jump on Zwift and join us cooling down in the game!"

Level 17 (Bike)

"Zwift helps me train and perform set intervals, regardless of where I am and the weather outside. I've met many people in the real world who tell me they've ridden with me on Zwift. It's a fun, global community to be a part of."

Level 24 (Bike)