Wednesday, April 5th
11:00PM GMT
USMES Spicy 馃崓 Torturefest
Group Ride
馃弾馃弫馃弾馃弫馃弾 ITS SPRINT WEEK馃弾馃弫馃弾馃弫馃弾

We go on every sprint, and race the last lap.

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This is a mid to high B ride, if you are building up to these levels come along and stay with the group and push yourself.
Our goal is to make you stronger, there will pain, suck it up and keep grinding.

We give you 2 options:
1) Stay with Yellow at the advertised pace of 3.5 - 3.8W/KG
2) When Red goes off follow him and suffer, it is how you make gains.

Week 1 - Sprint Course - we go on the sprints and then regroup.
Week 2 - Interval Misery - if you die you die
Week 3 - Course PR Crusher - we'll go after group course records, Tempas split, hilly route etc
Week 4 - KOM PR Crusher - after a warmup we'll go hard on the KOM's
Week 5 - Pick your Poison after 30 min build up Intervals with Yellow or red

Then back to week 1

We will go off menu from time to time and communicate what ride we are doing at the top of the ride description and advertise the ride on USMES Zwift FB page and Zwift Riders FB page each week and at the end of the ride.
USMES Spicy 馃崓 Torturefest (B) - Race Results
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TiempoVentajaVatiosW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 sW/kg