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Thursday, April 2nd
5:00PM GMT
Lonely Goat Running Club 30 minute Progression Run
Group Ride
Up the tempo with this challenging 30 minute run, hosted by Lonely Goat Running Club.

We'll ease into the workout by starting off at a comfortable pace. Then, we'll gradually increase the speed every 5 minutes.

Lonely Goat RC is an online running club open to any age, any ability. The club is designed for those who do not have the time to join traditional running clubs or perhaps do not feel it is them.

Lonely Goat RC is the UK’s largest running club – but there are Lonely Goats globally! Visit to find out more about this awesome community!

The run host, Andy Leggott, is one of the founders of Lonely Goat Running Club. He has run sub-2:40 for a Marathon so has experience of running fast and improving his times. Andy also loves supporting and inspiring others to achieve their personal goals – which is at the heart of the club ethos.
Lonely Goat Running Club 30 minute Progression Run (E)
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