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Wednesday, March 17th
3:30PM GMT
Triathlete Gatorade Gx Discord Ride
Group Ride
Do you know what your sweat rate is, or how much sodium you lose when you train? Every athlete is unique and high performance requires a personalized approach. Come ride with TRIATHLETE and Gatorade to learn about the new Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch and Gx App.

Joining us on Discord will be Dr. Matt Pahnke of the Gatorade Sport Science Institute and Xavi Cortadellas of Gatorade Design and Innovation.

Join the VeloNews Discord (our sister brand) so you can hear our chat: a new window

Last week Matt and Xavi did a private Meetup ride and Zoom call with TRIATHLETE members, who got to test out the Sweat Patch and Gx App. Now, the Gx Sweat Patches are available on and the Gx app is available in the Apple App Store! a new window

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Triathlete Gatorade Gx Discord Ride (C)
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