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Wednesday, November 4th
1:00AM GMT
Mike Nosco Memorial Ride
Group Ride
We are excited to venture into an innovative way of keeping the Mike Nosco Memorial Ride moving forward into the future with an exciting partnership with Zwift!

Although, over the years, the most amazing group of cyclists, volunteers, family and friends have turned out in the thousands to participate in what has become known as the "Nosco ride", through the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains in California. This year we have to be creative, innovative and safe in still trying to gather our loyal followers in a way that we can still generate that same exciting, energetic way that has become tradition and move into a whole new, exciting platform, thus our partnership with Zwift.

Join superstars, Dave Zabriskie and Lauren Hall, as they lead this special ride that unites the community in memory of a wonderful man. This ride means so much to so many people and the peloton will be full of your favorite pros, ex pors, coaches and ambassadors, including

Jess Cerra
Sam Boardman
Jen Audia
Brian McColloch
Joy McColloch
Jesse Anthony
Brad Huff
Janel Spilker
Eric Bostrom
Cindy Montambault

We must keep in the right perspective of why we ride on November 3rd; one, to memorialize my brother Mike and two, to join in solidarity, a Peloton with a Purpose, in hopes of raising funds for and motivating our chosen recipients. Our recipients (to be determined) are people in our community, our friends, family, co-workers, etc. who are facing life-threatening illnesses. They need our spiritual and financial support in a huge way. By making a donation: www.mikenosco.comOpens a new window, all the money raised will go directly to these people in need.

Ride On,
Jack Nosco

This year’s Nosco kit! All proceeds go to the Michael P. Nosco Foundation. a new window
Mike Nosco Memorial Ride (C)
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