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Wednesday, March 10th
1:05AM GMT
Cycling Canada Weekly Tune-up Ride (Women's Edition)
Group Ride
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
Visit for more information on race rules.
Welcome to Cycling Canada's Weekly Tune-up Ride - Women's Edition! Every Tuesday at 8:05pm EST, Cycling Canada will host a weekly group ride, open to women of all skill levels and abilities on rotating courses. Course offerings will vary from week to week in an effort to provide a well-rounded mix of training opportunities for Zwifters of all backgrounds. Looking to improve your climbing? sprinting? endurance? All of the above? Look no further.

The weekly tune-up will be a medium-paced social ride, led by some of Canada's top female coaches and athletes. Zwifters can expect a fun, interactive community atmosphere with regular efforts to build fitness. The ride will incorporate intermittent interval work above and below the advertized power range, but rest assured there will be dedicated time for recovery/regroup following each effort.

Power range: 1.5-2.0 w/kg

The weekly tune-up series will also serve as a social pre-ride for Cycling Canada's Wednesday Night Race Series, offered on the same course as each week's ride.

Join the Canadian Cycling community as we pedal away the cold-weather blues, and be sure to check Cycling Canada's social media pages for updates on regular special guest Zwift appearances from some of Canada's favourite cycling personalities. All rides will utilize Cycling Canada's Discord channel for a chance to connect with ride leaders and fellow Zwifters for some friendly in-ride banter.

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