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Saturday, May 14th
3:00PM GMT
Team Electric Spirit Co. Aperitivi Series Round 7
Join Team Electric Spirit Co. for the second season of the Aperitivi, a fast and furious 7 race series every Saturday. Each week we will run over a shortened (where possible) version of that week's Zwift Racing League course, making it the perfect chance for a little aperitivo for those racing on Tuesday, or just a great fun series for anyone else.

This season we are keeping things super simple with everyone racing together in a single mixed cat, not only is this a great opportunity to test yourself against riders in another category but you'll normally rack up more Zwiftpower ranking points than you would in a split category race.

Never fear, there is a chance for everyone to win something though! Courtesy of Electric Spirit Co. we will have a small number of prizes for overall series winners but also wildcard prizes each week that will ensure all riders at all levels have something to aim for. Best 5 from 7 results will count in the overall series with points allocated based on finishing position.

We strongly believe in fair racing and official results will be those available on Zwiftpower.
HRM are required, and while Zpower riders are welcome to join, they will not count in the official results.

Full details on the series and rules are available at a new window and on the event Zwiftpower page.
Team Electric Spirit Co. Aperitivi Series Round 7 (E)
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