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Saturday, February 4th
9:25AM GMT
Castelli Unlimited
Group Workout
Introducing the Castelli Unlimited workout series for 2022/23.

If you're training for a 2023 Gran Fondo then search no more, this is the group for you. Whether it’s L’Etape du Tour, Maratona dles Dolomiti or the UCI Gran Fondo Series, we have you covered.

These endurance workouts are a complement to our midweek Squadra Castelli workouts or can be ridden on their own each week for some extra endurance work.

These rides also give you the opportunity to tick off some longer route badges by riding on after the workout with other group members.

Each week we complete two workouts, Monday and Wednesday at 17:45 UTC around 45-70 minutes duration. Saturday workouts are at 09:25 UTC, around 90-120 minutes.

The plan is suitable for all fitness levels. Before joining, we recommend performing an FTP test.

Week 5 Menu:

Monday: Going up the zones - 62 minutes, 60 stress points a new window

Wednesday: Turn up the AC - 60 minutes, 56 stress points a new window

nSaturday: Mishmash - 95 minutes, 86 stress points a new window

If you’re in need of motivating tunes, check out the Squadra Castelli playlist: a new window


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Castelli Unlimited
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