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Sunday, April 2nd
9:15AM GMT
Team RWB Endurance Ride
Group Ride
Hello fellow Zwifters rwb endurance Sunday rides are back these are great
rides for building miles in the legs and chasing them kms for there weekly
goals. Then this is the ride for you

Our leader holds 2.5w/kg for the duration of the ride and no need to fear
there will be no climbing on this route as we tackle the watopia volcano
circuit the goal of this ride is to build aerobic fitness and maintain
fitness throughout your cycling season. This will be a zone 2 ride so it’s
important you find your zone 2 hr or power and maintain that for the
duration of the ride this ride should take us 2 hours in length to complete
there will be no fence on this ride either. This ride is all about clocking
up the kilometres and hitting your weekly target goal

Join us for some fun and friendly Sundays miles

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Team RWB Endurance Ride (E)
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