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Wednesday, May 10th
4:00AM GMT
Valhalla Fruitiful Team Chase
Group Ride
Welcome to one of the most fascinating ride formats in the Zwift universe, the Valhalla Fruitiful Team Chase.

This is not a race, not a workout, but a pursuit ride of different groups, each with their own leaders, but in one world on one course.

Each team tries to keep to the advised lead-in and lap times to catch up with the team(s) ahead and/or escape the team(s)
behind - like a cat and mouse chase! But it's not a race.

Respect your beacons, blob on yellow and help the reds! The better your team blobs, the faster you are.

There is a category for every rider of every level - so find your best fit of the ranges below and you will challenge yourself to a testing (but enjoyable) workout!

In a perfect world, we would blob up in the final kilometres for an epic mini-race, but this isn't always a perfect world. Help your team to not be left behind and to arrive at the afterparty on time.

To find out more about our rides, please visit our Valhalla Ride and Race Facebook group: a new window
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