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Thursday, June 8th
6:30AM GMT
Kiwi Crew Ride
Group Ride
Established in 2018 this Kiwi group ride is now a classic! Our community continues to grow and regularly sees former pro Greg Henderson and rising E-Sports Star Ollie Jones in the ride.

The ride starts off at a moderate 2.0 - 2.5 w/kg where there’s time for a bit of banter or to spin a good yarn. But rachet up the shoes because with 10mins remaining things get spicy with the Riot After Party! It’s not a race but…. we’re unleashing the reins in the final few km’s to let you drop the watt bombs! Will you be this weeks Riot winner?

Please respect the ride and stay with the ride leader (yellow beacon) until the Riot hits with 10 mins remaining, at that point you can join the riot to the finish or cruise to the finish at 40mins. Everyone is welcome to join.

Kiwi Crew Ride (C)
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