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Saturday, March 25th
9:00PM GMT
Mt. Fuji HC Dojo 2023 - Base 3 - SST + Wave Cadence
Group Workout
Welcome to the Mt.Fuji Hill Climb Dojo! The purpose of this workout series is to prepare riders for Japan's famous Hill Climb event, the Mt Fuji Hill Climb, and to improve their performance for the event. All in-game instruction will be in Japanese and English. We look forward to seeing you every week.

Welcome to the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Dojo Series!
Whether you're aiming to beat your personal best or trying a hill climb for the first time, everyone can enjoy and power up in the next 3-months.
Train efficiently with a structured workout plan!

This is a base strength building workout, the foundation for all of cycling. There can be no great building without a strong foundation. Category A is the full workout, while Category B is the Lite version.

When broken up into smaller segments, the SST 20-minute ride can feel less monotonous. Not only will you stay focused, you will get to learn the high-torque pedaling that is essential for hill climbs. Stay in the sweet spot for 40 minutes total. This workout is perfect for the end of the Base phase.

In the Lite version of the B category, each set is reduced to 12 minutes.

Guest Speakers: JCL TEAM UKYO, Manabu ISHIBASHI, Yuma Koishi
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