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Tuesday, July 20th
1:00AM GMT
Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge
The Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge

11 days. 4 routes. Top-of-the-line Specialized & Roval gear providing you with every advantage. The Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge is the perfect place to set a personal best.

We’ll be setting you up with one of the fastest climbing wheel & frame combos ever tested on Zwift, before sending you off to tackle some of our most iconic climbs. Only question is, can you beat your personal best?

The Rides and Routes

This challenge goes down between July 20 and 30.

Road To Sky
Test your legs and lungs on the iconic ascent of Alpe Du Zwift. 3,399 ft (1,036 m) of climbing. 21 hairpin turns. The terrain changes dramatically as you zig-zag your way up the mountain ridge and enter unchartered territory.

La Reine
Enjoy twisty river roads and hot air balloon fields as you traverse 8 km of relatively flat tarmac until it’s time to spin up all 3,875 ft (1,181 m) of Mont Ven-Top.

Mountain 8 with Epic KOM finish
Combining the Epic KOM and Radio Tower climb, Mountain 8 serves up 1,968 ft (600 m) of intense, leg-busting climbs. Dig deep and think happy thoughts all the way to the custom finish—you’re almost at the end.

A lollipop route, Lutscher offers a considerable lead-in that puts you to work immediately, having riders climb to the summit in scenic Innsbruck, before doing it again, totalling 2,700 ft (823 m).

Unlocks and Prizes

Complete any event to unlock the Specialized SL Air Fade jersey and be entered into a prize draw to win a set of Roval Alpinist wheels you can use outdoors! You’ll earn an entry for each and every event you complete, so the more you ride, the better your chance of winning! Terms and Conditions apply.

Ride with the Pros

We’ve hooked you up with a setup that’ll make anyone green with envy, with a bike so light the UCI made it illegal for racing—and now the pros want in on the action. Join a ride and you just might find yourself sharing the tarmac with some of the planet’s top athletes. Want a digital selfie? Better be quick, these girls and boys won’t hang around for long!

Is This A Race?

No. The only person you’ll be racing here is yourself. This series isn’t about who’s the quickest—it’s more about challenging yourself and moving as fast as you can personally go.

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