Wednesday, January 19th
5:15PM GMT
Masters SA
Come join the best master age category racers from South Africa for a series where you can contest in both the General Classification as well as within you UCI age category.


Enter into the category that matches your age on your birthday in the current year:
A: 30-39 years
B: 40-49 years
C: 50-59 years
D: 60-69 years
E: 70 years and over
Female riders add 10 years to your age on your birthday in the current year to select a category.

Zwiftpower will further split the results into 5 year UCI age categories.


Power-ups allowed.

Enter for the correct age category.

To be included in the results, riders need to have a connected Zwiftpower account www.zwiftpower.comOpens a new window

For results to be valid, we require a power source (smart trainer or power meter) and heart rate.
zPower riders and those not wearing HR will not appear in results.

Please maintain an open Strava profile to enable the organiser to validate your performance. Unrealistic performances may be disqualified.