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Thursday, August 11th
10:40AM GMT
DIRT Doozy Race
Join team DIRT as we race around the finest flat or hilly courses Zwift has
to offer. Not too long, but not too short. This race is meant to bring
your best. All categories start together, so be ready for a fast start and
hard racing.

Final results will be available on Racers riding outside
of their assigned Zwiftpower category will be disqualified and not count
towards official results

Team DIRT is an acronym for Dads Inside Riding Trainers. We are a
brotherhood like-minded moms and dads who love to make time for zwift
around work and family. We are a social racing team consisting mostly of
mid-level zwifters. The Watts Up Wednesday Ride idea came about because a
lot of us have work and family obligations during the week and this would
be a perfect way to squeeze in a great ride.

Don't forget to add "DIRT" after your name and make sure you are not on a
TT bike.

Please join us on Discord at a new window

And, Facebook at a new window
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