Sunday, April 2nd
7:55AM GMT
DBR Social Ride
Group Ride
Join Danish Bike Riders on our weekly Social Ride. We will be riding at an average pace of 30-35km for 60min, mostly flat routes, but some routes are faster than others. We ride without the Fence, and perhaps also a bit different from many other Social Rides. RideLeader will keep a steady pace, but its ok to ride ahead and join other riders in front - Just remember to be Social. If you find yourself at the back, please call for a wheel, and we will try to get you back to the RideLeaders group. Stronger riders are as always welcome to help at the back. We look forward to ride with you.

Info on events and the [DBR] team can be found on “Danish Bike Riders” on FaceBook (English) a new window and in our group “Danish Bike Riders” a new window

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