Thursday, June 8th
9:45AM GMT
TBR Kettle and Boil
Group Ride
TBR Kettle and Boil is split into 4 segments (usually lap/s). We ride the first segment at 2.0 w/kg and keep the group together. We then increase the effort by +0.5 w/kg for the next 2 segments and it’s up to you to keep the pace until the Afterparty, which is the 4th and final segment. The ride leader will announce the changes in Watts for each segment.

We don't use the fence for this ride and whilst Breakaways will naturally form, 99% of riders in a break are caught by the peloton, so it is always worth exercising self control by riding with beacon.

Those not behind the ride leader as we pass under the banner for the start of the After Party will be disqualified. If you get dropped, time trial it till you finish the race, you’ll get stronger. As always encourage others with a ride on and watch the race footage. Your co-operation helps us provide everyone with a fun, supportive and inclusive ride.

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TBR Kettle and Boil (C) - Race Results
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