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Saturday, June 10th
7:30AM GMT
Mountain Massif - The Race
category enforcement iconカテゴリー強制あり。
power meter required iconパワーメーターが必要です。
heart rate monitor required icon心拍計が必要です。
The biggest spectacles in bike racing involve mountains. This race is designed to create moments to remember.

This race will see you navigating changing course before reaching the slopes and racing up the mountain to the finish.

This event is designed to hone your race craft, ensuring you save enough energy so you can go full throttle on the mountain climb, battling fellow racers, shoulder to shoulder for the victory. This is the chance to push yourself beyond your perceived limits.

Rules: Heart Rate monitor required and Zwift Power for official results, winner of each category. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Mountain_Massif and join our Zwift Club, “Mountain Massif” by following this link: a new window
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