Sunday, December 3rd
7:00PM GMT
Mark Renshaw - from Bathurst to Cirencester
Group Ride
Join Mark from his home town in Bathurst, Australia as we ride to launch the inaugural "Cirencester to Bathurst" - IRL rides in May 2024, held on opposite sides of the world to celebrate the friendship between these two cities. Cirencester, UK is the home of Lord Bathurst, after whose ancestors Mark's home town in Australia was named. Lord Bathurst's home, The Bathurst Estate is host to the Cirencester gravel ride. Bathurst's event will be held in the shadow of the iconic Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit.

Come and join us for a spin and a chat, and find out more about these IRL races that you can be part of.
We'll ride together for this steady paced bunch ride, with an optional final sprint through the banner towards the end of the hour.
Mark Renshaw - from Bathurst to Cirencester - Race Results
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