Sunday, February 4th
5:00PM GMT
Canada vs the World: Masters Men's Races
Welcome to Canada vs the World - Cycling Canada Esports Canadian Championships Warm-Up Series. The series will serve as a three-part warm-up for our Canadian Championships. After each week, we will be tracking results on our website based on our Championship categories along with a ranking of the top 8 results in each category comparing Canadian riders to the internatinoal field. Can Canada prevail against the rest of the world?

January 21 will be a crit on Downtown Dolphin, followed by a big climb up the 2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap on January 28, and culminating in a practice run of the Canadian Championships on Rolling Highlands on February 4th. Each race will happen on Sundays at 12:00pm ET. No registration required for the race series, all are welcome.

When selecting a race, please be honest with the category that you enter. Instead of the typical categories on Zwift (A,B,C,D), they have been renamed to align with the age groups defined below to provide a unique opportunity to race against your age group peers.

Rankings will be calculated using Zwift power; please be sure that you have this enabled if you wish to be included in the rankings. Updated series results will be posted on the Cycling Canada website.

Anyone Canadian interested in the Canadian Championships should check out our events page at a new window

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35-44 Masters Men - Race Results
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