Saturday, September 22nd
2:25PM GMT
WBR 4 Laps Volcano Circuit Flat Race (18.9km/11.7mi)
This RACE is brought to you by TeamWBR to help draw attention to how Buffalo Bikes can benefit the world's many transport needy families. Expect the race to be highly competitive across all CATs. In order to make the racing as fair as possible, racers on zPower, lacking heart rate monitors, riding an an inappropriate category, or riding very unrealistically may be disqualified. Race details and full rules may be found at a new windowr Final results will be available on We hope that everyone gets a great HIIT workout and has some good fun in this part of WBR's #prostyletraining offering. #rideon #powerofbicycles #wbrRides4Africa
WBR 4 Laps Volcano Circuit Race - Race Results
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