Sunday, April 2nd
12:00PM GMT
WNYBRC Spring Giro Race Series (Mens Field)
Who’s ready for some racing? From the organizers of the Zwift “Swollen Beacon” group ride and the USA Cycling Bristol Mountain Road Race, comes an exciting race series. Join us over the next three weekends (Saturdays around 9am EST & Sundays around 8am EST) to jump start your spring classics campaign. Please check a new window or the Zwift Mobile Link App for exact start times.

This will be a USA Cycling style race series based off of your road license category classification. We will have six racer categories: Men/Women A's (USA Cycling Category 1/2/3), Men's/Women's B's (USA Cycling Category 4/5), & Men's/Women's E's (Citizen Class or never USA Cycling licensed or classified). Please register for the category that matches your USA Cycling license. If you do not have a USA Cycling license please register for the citizen class. The event race director will verify your classification before awarding any prizes. It is your responsibility to enter the correct race on Zwift. And yes, we have real prizes.

The top 10 finishers in each respective category will earn points for each event. Points are 40, 34, 30, 26, 23, 20, 18, 16, 14, and 12 from 1st place to 10th place respectively. The best four races will count towards a cumulative total to determine winners. Each category winner will receive a Zwift 3 month gift card as long as there are three or more registered racers in that category. If there are more than 12 registered racers in that category a 12 month gift card will be awarded.

To be eligible for series points and prizes you must register on BikeReg at a new window. We will also be giving out random prizes to registered participants per the BikeReg racer entries as long as we have more than 20 registered racers on BikeReg. A category must have at least 3 registered participants to award a gift card to the champion.

This is a non-profit event. All proceeds will go towards prizes, giveaways, and operating costs (BikeReg fee which is $2.10 per entry plus postage fees to mail any random giveaways). If you register for a category and for some reason at least two or more people don't register before the 3rd week starts you will be offered a refund. If you accept the refund for the registration you will not be eligible for the random weekly prize giveaways.

Since this race is on Zwift, it is open for anyone to hop in. But only those that register on BikeReg will be counted in the official standings. Any race finishers not officially registered will be removed from standings.

Please put "(WNYBRC - A, B, or E)" after your last name when racing so others officially registered will know who they are racing against.

Results and additional information can be found on FB ( a new window) and Strava ( a new window). Since each week’s race is for a set period of time and not distance there is no actual finish line. Your placing is where you are when the clock hits zero. Or basically whoever goes the farthest in the race time period wins. Because of this we will not be using Zwift Power for any results. Even though Zwift does provide a results banner when the time expires we will ultimately rely on Strava FlyBy to verify placings.

If you would like to get a USA Cycling membership visit #!/c/pricing" target="_blank" class="accessibility-info-container">!/c/pricing class="accessibility-info">Opens a new window.

If you need help with an indoor bike trainer please visit your local bike shop.

Any questions please send an email to Cheers and #RideOn!
WNYBRC Spring Giro Race Series - CAT P/1/2/3 - Race Results
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