Interacting with Other Zwifters on a Ride

Chatting with friends and motivating them while you ride adds a fun social element to your training. Learn how to give a shout out to the pack you’re pedaling with, and cheer on your mates as they push big watts across Watopia. 

Here’s how to interact with others when riding on Zwift.

First, chatting with others helps you get to know other riders and ask questions to the group. For the best chat experience, download the free Zwift Companion app to your tablet or your mobile device.

  1. Use the Group Text button on the app to send messages to everyone within 500
  2. Use the chat box next to individual riders to send private messages.
  3. Finding it tough to type while you ride? On both Android and iOS devices, click the
    microphone button at the bottom right of your keyboard to dictate a message. Press
    Enter to send.
  4. If you’re using a keyboard, press "M" to send a message to everyone within 500
  5. Another way to interact while you Zwift is by sending a Ride On. A Ride On is a blue
    thumbs-up sent between Zwifters. Use them often. Here’s how to send one.
    In-game: select their name from the Zwifters Nearby list on the right side of the
    screen. Click the thumbs-up icon next to their name. The Ride On thumb briefly
    appears above their head along with your name. This feature is disabled while in
    workout mode, so you can focus on your session.
    Zwift Companion: tap the Zwifter's name in the Zwifter list and tap the thumbs-up
  6. When someone gives you a Ride On, you'll see the Ride On thumb above your head,
    with their name at the top of your screen.
  7. Happy chatting. Ride On.