The Plan That Gets You to Watopia Run Festival

The Plan That Gets You to Watopia Run Festival

ON December 15, 2018 by Sean Jefferson
The Plan That Gets You to Watopia Run Festival

Get ready to go the distance this February, when Zwift hosts the two-day Watopia Run Festival, with a 5k on the 23rd and a half-marathon on the 24th. Finish one or the other to unlock the Zwift Watopia singlet. Or rise to the challenge of completing both events for double the kits and a higher level of bragging rights.  

We currently have the 3Run13.1 Plan to help get you race-ready come February. You can sign up at any time, and the plan is synced to deliver the fittest version of yourself straight to the start line. It’s also a great way for Zwift runners to train and prepare together, not to mention the kit unlocks upon completion of either race.

Don’t wait to sign up. The earlier you start, the more prepared you’ll be on race day.


How to sign up.

After launching Zwift and selecting running as your activity, you will see this mission box on the drop-in screen.

Click Sign Up to preview the plan in its entirety and decide if it’s right for you.

Sample workouts from 3Run13.1 plan.

Scroll to the right to see every week’s workouts.

The 5k test tracks improvements and adjusts your next block of training with updated paces.

After reviewing the plan, click Enroll to join and begin training for the Watopia Half-Marathon. This plan is synced to end the day before the event, which leaves only one thing left to do. Race!

Details about 3Run13.1 plan here.