PowerUp Tri Podcast Episode 6: Sebastian Keinle

PowerUp Tri Podcast Episode 6: Sebastian Keinle

ON May 7, 2019 by Zwift

The PowerUp Tri Podcast is hosted by former pro triathletes Matt Lieto and Jordan Rapp, who lend their in-depth knowledge of the multisport to the Zwift Tri audience.

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Training for long-distance triathlon takes a lot of long hard days and dedication to the sport even when the “feels” aren’t there. Motivation can be the difference between completing the day’s training or just letting the opportunity slip away.

Sebastian Keinle has been at the top of the sport for a decade now, with his first World Championship win in 2012 in Vegas. From the outside, it seems it would be difficult to keep the motivation required to be at the top when you’ve won everything out there–but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for Sebi. We take this opportunity to see if we can glean any insight from Sebi on how to keep motivated in the tougher times.

It turns out motivation has always come pretty easy to Sebi, and to be the best in the world you just have to do the work. “I don’t have to motivate myself and I don’t need to Google the 10 best ways to keep motivated or something like that,” says Sebi.

Sebastian does have some great advice for age groupers looking to make sure the motivation is there throughout the season. He suggests, and I agree, that picking some fun new events, maybe even out of your comfort zone, will set you up to be naturally motivated because they are different and fun. He elaborates, “I would always try to do at least one or two events like that that are new to you.”

Last year he raced Cape Epic with Ben Hoffman to challenge himself and do something fun to kick off the year. “I mean, it was pretty close to total catastrophe. I broke two ribs in preparation for the race but looking back at it, it was still something really great.” Even though it didn’t turn out how he wanted he wouldn’t change a thing and it did help him with his excitement for the upcoming season.

The biggest thing with staying motivated according to Sebi is making sure you really love it. If you don’t feel like you really need to do triathlon, just stop and see how you like it. “What I would suggest is to take one month’s break, just nothing, and then you’ll find out if you miss something. Then you will start doing it again and then you’ll fight.”  All great advice from the champ which could have value for any athlete.

We also took the time to chat about one of the best bike races in history, Watopia’s desert expansion, and a $1500 wetsuit!

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