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BCS: Level Up Movement Community Highlight

by Zwift
on January 26, 2021

“The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that the work I’m doing has a monumental impact on lives beyond the bike. This is so much bigger than bikes. This is real life. And because of that there’s a real ‘we not me’ component to it all. It means more than just riding a bike with your friends. It means coming together. This is the only way we can move forward. As a people and as a society. But there are challenges that come along with that. The greatest challenge is access. To everything—equipment, coaches and training, access to a team. Even access to finding a way to develop a career within the sport of cycling and in learning how to support yourself once you get there. But everything we’re doing has to start from the community level. Even identifying tomorrow’s pros. That has to start at the community level. The community has to understand that this is a sport we can all get behind. And that’s important because the community is the foundation for which we build everything. Our families, our housing, our education. Our sports, our kids, our religion, our health. Our businesses—it’s all of us. If you have a heart for the people—if you have a heart for the community then you have a heart for pulling back the obstacles to entry when it comes to getting kids involved in cycling. The meeting of the minds and the meeting of the hearts will create change. It starts with every person at an individual level and it grows from there.” - Erica Elle, Founder of Level Up Movement

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