Monday, April 5th
9:00AM GMT
TUZ - Tour of the North 2021 - Day 3 Stage 4
Welcome to the fourth and final epic Queen stage of the Team Ulster Zwifter’s Tour of the North Easter series. Join us on 47km and 1700m of climbing on Watopia’s notorious Quatch Quest Course.

All four stages to be completed over three consecutive days during the Easter weekend Sat 3rd April to Monday 5th April 2021.

TUZ have taken on the challenge of running this year's cancelled Tour of The North International Cycle Race 2021 on the Zwift with full endorsement from the Tour of the North (TON) committee.

This annual International road race has been running for over 50 year's every Easter on roads around Northern Ireland. Former winners include the former world number 1 Sean Kelly (1976) and more recently the 2013 World Scratch Track race champion Martyn Irvine from Newtownards who won the 2009 race. TUZ’s own Thomas Evans is also a former winner and he along with the commentary team will be streaming the full event live on our TUZ YouTube channel.

The event will run as close to the outdoor event as possible over 3 consecutive days involving 4 stages including a Time Trial on day one and an epic final stage.

Each stage will include the four standard Zwift categories: Cat A, B, C & D and a dedicated ladies category Cat E.
Individual and team stage results will be published on Zwiftpower directly after the race.
All category times will be combined into a single General Classification (GC) E Cat and published on the dedicated Zwiftpower League: a new window

Who are TUZ?
TUZ was founded by Ross Blayney to enable riders from cycle clubs throughout the province of Ulster (Ireland) to race and train together.

TUZ is a group of local Ulster riders & guests with no affiliation to any official organisation or body.

Up to date information can be located on the Zwiftpower League “About” Page: a new window

More information about TUZ and the TON event can be found@
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TUZ @ Zwiftpower: a new window
TUZ Email:

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Please choose the correct category for your ability:
A - Cat A or Above 4.0 w/kg
B - Cat B or 3.2 to 3.9 w/kg
C - Cat C or 2.5 to 3.1 w/kg
D - Cat D or 2.4 w/kg and below
E - Cat E Ladies Only 1 to 5 w/kg

Cadence & Heart Rate Monitors MUST be worn.
No ZPower in final results

Please sign up to Zwiftpower to be included in the results.
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Course Info
Just like the real outdoor event with a Queen stage, this stage will sort out the final general classification. This will be the hardest stage and an epic one to finish with. A Queen stage to surely crown the worthy winner of the 2021 TUZ Tour of the North.
This will be a very long stage so plenty of liquids and maybe race fuel close to hand would be highly recommended. Average finishing times will range from 1hr 30min for top A category riders to around 2hr 40min for lower category riders.
After a short flat start it’s straight into Titan’s Grove with a roller coaster road towards the first KOM of the day. After exiting Titan’s Grove racers travel straight onto the epic KOM climb (18 – 30min climb). However this is just the warm-up. After the long descent from the KOM banner, racers head for a quick lap of the Mayan Jungle and onto the start of the final KOM, finishing on top of the mighty Alpe du Zwift (a12km long replica climb of the famous Tour de France Alpine climb, Alpe d’Huez).
TUZ - Tour of the North 2021 - Day 3 Stage 4 (A) - Race Results
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