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Sunday, January 26th
9:30AM GMT
Slovenian Zwift League - Spring Series
Welcome to Slovenian Zwift League, a series of a bit harder races, with basic aim to work hard while having fun and best social experience during winter.
Everyone is welcome. The main goal of league is a fight for the Jersey. For the best rider in GC or the Yellow jersey, for the best sprinter or the Green jersey and for the best climber or the KOM jersey.
Please respect the leader Jersey, and avoid wearing the colours reserved only to the leader. For more info visit a new window
Of course, if you are only about the individual stage, you are welcome as well.

No gender differences, hence use your 95% of Peak20min power and divide by your weight in kg and pick the correct group.
A: 4.0 W/kg to 5.0 W/kg
B: 3.2 W/kg to 3.99 W/kg
C: 2.5 W/kg to 3.19 W/kg
D: Under 2.49 W/kg

GC or Yellow jersey - First 30 riders in category scores point in descending order 30,29,28,...,3,2,1.
Sprint or Green jersey - individual points on sprint banners, for details see a new window
KOM or Black jersey - individual points on KOM banners, for details see a new window

Results of single race as of league standings will be available at www.zwiftpower.comOpens a new window and www.slozl.euOpens a new window short after the race. Race calendar with courses/routes for every week of League can be previewed on www.slozl.euOpens a new window as well.
Race calendar with courses/routes for every week of League can be previewed on www.slozl.euOpens a new window as well.

- Power Meter & Smart trainer only, No ZPower, HR obligatory
- Double draft = OFF
- Power ups = OFF
- View only race participants = ON
- Its mandatory to have a registered account and accepted their terms and conditions (with obligatory opt-in on Profile page) to be in the results of the race

One of the basic aims of Slovenian Zwift league is promotion of social indoor riding in Slovenia. Hence, Slovenian riders finishing races will be eligible for prize draw from our sponsor(s) so they are particularly invited to visit www.slozl.euOpens a new window for all additional information.

We prepared a Discord server dedicated to Slovenian Zwift League. Link to join and interact through audio is here: a new window
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