Friday, March 31st
8:00PM GMT
TBR 101 - Endurance
Group Ride
The aim of TBR 101 is to help riders achieve a century (100 km) at a nice, chilled pack pace of around 36 kmh. Many riders think that they might never get to wear the Zwift Metric Century jersey – yet by sitting in our pack, with a group of experienced riders to assist, this is achievable. We try to be friendly, encouraging and concentrate on the core group around the beacon. If you wish to average faster than 36 kmh we suggest you look at other events such as Asia 120 that commences 2 hours after TBR 101. We have lots of laughs and banter – all helping to pass the time. We don't use the fence for this ride as we believe all riders should exercise self-control and respect the ride leader by riding with the yellow beacon at all times. Your co-operation helps us provide everyone with a fun, supportive and inclusive ride. Follow TBR at to learn more about our events, read ride reports and leave feedback. Spotify a new window

TBR 101 - Endurance (A) - Race Results
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