Friday, March 31st
9:30PM GMT
RO4H Weekend Wander
Group Ride
Welcome to the RO4H Weekend Wander.

The RO4H Weekend Wander is a social group ride hosted by the Ride On 4 Health community. We foster a friendly, casual, supportive, and respectful atmosphere that embraces everyone from the most seasoned Zwifter to the first-time group ride participant.

The pace varies depending on the terrain, but the ride will have an overall average pace of around 18–20 MPH (28–32 KPH). The pace on the flats sections will be slightly faster in the peloton and be sub 2 W/KG on climbs. We typically ride flat routes with only a few short hills, if any. We try to be a no-drop ride, but ultimately, this pace is a recovery pace for some and a great effort for others. You should be prepared to meet the average pace and strive to stay in the ride leader's peloton to benefit from the group draft effect. Being a social ride, we don’t chase flyers — but flyers are free to fly. The Weekend Wander is certainly not a race.

Sweepers are available to assist those off the back. We do not want anyone to ride alone unless they choose. The sweepers will variably help riders bridge to the leader's peloton or form a second pace group. We do not want riders to ride alone unless they want to.

Join us for the RO4H Weekend Wander —you'll almost certainly break a sweat, undoubtedly hear a few dad jokes, and might even have fun.

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