Friday, June 9th
5:30PM GMT
ZHCC TGI Friday Sub2 Social
Group Ride
Join the ZHCC TGI Friday gang for a 1-hour fun packed ride in the wonderful world of Zwift. This is a great ride if you looking for a stress free sub 2 ride. The pace will be an average of 2.0 w/kg or just under. Just remember though that we will go above sub 2 on any of the climbs (if there are any).
In this supportive environment it’s a great way of completing a a sub 2 knowing you have the help of the red beacon sweep if needed.
ZHCC do not race each other (sprinting is actively encouraged though), we ride as one, have fun, and enjoy a group ride and the usual Discord entertainment.
The ZHCC gang look forward to riding with you.
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