Tuesday, December 19th
8:00AM GMT
AusCycling Talent Identification
Group Workout
Your journey to the top step starts in your living room.

AusCycling invites you to test yourself against the best. The workout comprises three free ride efforts: 15 seconds, 3 minutes and 12 minutes designed to test your critical power. As with any test or race, ensure you are appropriately warmed up and motivated.

The test is short and sharp, requiring maximum commitment. Erg mode will be turned off during the intervals, you are on your own and its your time to shine.

As you fade through the efforts, use your gears to reduce the resistance and maintain your cadence. Aiming for 90-100rpm for the efforts. Finish the efforts completely spent, the key is to finish all the efforts regardless of how much your power fades or how hard it feels.

Saddle up and enjoy the ride!

Target Audience;
16-22yo with no high-performance sport background
People with vision or physical impairment – any age

People with background in high-performance sport – any age
*If you are outside the ages of 16-22 and have a background in high performance sport or vision/physical impairment please email for further information.
AusCycling Talent Identification - Race Results
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