Sunday, March 26th
5:00PM GMT
ZHR Zwift Handicap Race (18.5 mi / 29.8 km)
IMPORTANT: NOBODY should be starting when the gate opens. Before the countdown reaches zero, stop pedaling and wait for your start time. Please go to a new window for more details and to obtain your handicap and use www.time.isOpens a new window to make sure you start at the correct time

This is the ORIGINAL Handicap Race on Zwift, a race with a difference: all riders will be given a handicap so that everyone has a chance to win.

The handicaps will work so that, in theory, everyone arrives at the finish line more or less at the same time, whatever your ability or FTP. This is an event to bring everyone together in a more inclusive race, whether they are ladies, sub 2 W/Kg, Cat A, etc. In previous events, most riders with accurate handicaps finished within a couple of minutes of each other!

Please add ZHR to your name
TT bikes only
You can use our Discord channel to talk to each other:
Please join our Strava Group: a new window