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Friday, October 28th
6:00PM GMT
Primor League - Cycling Ireland eRacing Series 2022 - R3
Bei diesem Event ist Folgendes erforderlich:
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Besuche, um mehr über die Rennrichtlinien zu erfahren.
Team RWB - Racing Without Borders presents a points based 2022 League - fast & furious racing across all categories.

We are happy to Partner with Cycling Ireland to Promote their 2022 eRacing Series through our League. Visit a new window to find out more.

To appear in results please make sure you are signed up to

We hope everyone goes full gas and enjoys the race #rideOn

RACE BOOK a new window


RACE 1. (Individual TT)
Tempus fugit // Watopia
No FTS Prime
14.10.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 2. (Points Road Race)
Downtown titans // Watopia
Prime: Titans Grove Reverse
21.10.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 3. (Points Road Race)
Triple flat loops // WATOPIA
Prime: Watopia Sprint Reverse
04.11.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 4. (Points Road Race)
2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap // Innsbruck
Prime: Innsbruck KOM Forward
28.10.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 5. (Points Road Race)
Queens highway // yorkshire
Prime: Yorkshire Sprint Reverse
11.11.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 6. (Points Road Race)
The bell lap // Watopia
Prime: Crit City Bell Sprint
18.11.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 7. (Points Road Race)
Rising empire // new york
Prime: NYC KOM Forward
25.11.22 @19:00 GMT a new window

RACE 8. (Points Road Race)
Details Released Mid-November
02.12.22 @19:00 GMT

1st - 30pts
2nd - 25pts
3rd - 20pts
4th - 19pts
5th - 18pts
6th - 17pts
7th - 16pts
8th - 15pts
9th - 14pts
10th - 13pts
11th → 15th - 10pts
16th → 20th - 9pts
21st → 25th - 8pts
26th → 30th - 7pts
31st → 35th - 6pts
36th → 40th - 5pts
41st → 45th - 4pts
46th → 50th - 3pts
51st → 55th - 2pts
56th → > 1pts

1st - 20pts
2nd - 15pts
3rd - 10pts
4th - 7pts
5th - 6pts
6th - 5pts
7th - 4pts
8th - 3pts
9th - 2pts
10th - 1pt

Points culled based on race finishers.
All participants finishing outside point scoring will score 1 point.
Points scoring applied to each category (A,B,C,D).
The Best 6 of 8 rounds count to the final standings.
Each Round of Results will be available on Zwiftpower.

- The Points for Primes are the top 10 Fastest Timed Segments. Some routes have multiple chances to best your time or beat a rival.
- Category Enforcement will be used.
- Riders must be registered on to appear in the results.
- Heart rate monitors are advised to be worn by all participants.
- Only power meter and smart trainer users are eligible for official result placement.
- No TT bikes permitted, other than round 1
- Power ups permitted.
- We reserve the right to DQ riders based on unsportsmanlike conduct of rider or team or ask for verification in specific cases especially in A.
Primor League - Cycling Ireland eRacing Series 2022 - R3 (A) - Race Results
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DauerLückeWattW/kg20 Min.W/kg5 Min.W/kg15 SekW/kg