Sunday, August 7th
1:30PM GMT
Herd Summer Racing League
Bei diesem Event ist Folgendes erforderlich:
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Welcome to the Herd Summer Racing League (HSRL)!

HSRL is a 12 week series of racing where your best 10 results count. Each week there are 7 different events to choose from - choose whichever suits your schedule best.

HSRL is a series of points races. You score points for your time on each of the segments, versus the times set by the other competitors. You also score bonus points for your finishing position in the race versus your competitors in your category.

The points in each race are used to determine your ranking for the race. Your race rank determines how many league points you receive, with the winner scoring 50 points, 2nd place getting 49 and so on, down to 1 point for 50th place.

We use category enforcement to promote fair racing. Category enforcement reviews your 15-50 minute power curve to determine your “critical power” and shows you the categories that are available for you to race in. This uses different rules to Zwiftpower, so on occasion, your category in Zwiftpower may be different to what you can enter for these races.

You must have either a smart trainer or a power meter in order to be included in the results. Heart Rate Monitors are not compulsory but recommended.

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Herd Summer Racing League (A) - Race Results
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DauerLückeWattW/kg20 Min.W/kg5 Min.W/kg15 SekW/kg