Sunday, January 29th
11:00AM GMT
herD Beginner Racing
Bei diesem Event ist Folgendes erforderlich:
category enforcement iconKategorie wird durchgesetzt.
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Herd Beginner Racing is intended as an introduction to racing for those who have been nervous to try it, and a place for D riders to compete and to be the focus. The HBR races are held with 6 different time slot options over the weekend. They are generally short races on a variety of routes, but mostly avoiding long climbs. All racers enter Cat D for a group start, but after the race, the average watts per kilogram of the rider is used to automatically sort them into their category on ZwiftPower.
Category Enforcement is Zwift’s new system of ensuring that riders enter the correct category
– any riders whose riding on Zwift in the past 60 days indicate that their Critical Power (CP –
usually not far from FTP) is above 2.5 W/kg will be barred from entering these races.
herD Beginner Racing (D) - Race Results
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DauerLückeWattW/kg20 Min.W/kg5 Min.W/kg15 SekW/kg