Friday, March 31st
5:00PM GMT
Mountain Massif TT - Powered by Muc-Off
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What do you get if you cross a mountain race and a time trial? An absolutely intense, but highly unique event that will test the ability of any rider.

This is the chance to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. This event is designed so you can go full throttle on a mountain climb for a shortened period of time, with the finish line being situated on turn 8, of the mighty Alpe Du Zwift.

To time trial up the mountain, on this shortened course will be hard and to achieve the best results may require you to employ tactics. Do you opt for a TT bike to the base of the climb before changing to a light weight climbing set-up? Do you opt for a light weight set up from the start? Only you can decide and the decision you make will impact your results.

If you are not interested in racing for the victory, treat this event as a 20 minute FTP test. Generate a consistently high power for 20 minutes and boost your ratings in Zwift Power. This race is unique and offers something for all.

Rules: Heart Rate monitor required and Zwift Power for official results, winner of each category. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Mountain_Massif and join our Zwift Club, “Mountain Massif” by following this link: a new window
Mountain Massif TT - Powered by Muc-Off (A) - Race Results
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