Thursday, June 8th
4:45PM GMT
Castelli Donne
Group Ride
Bei diesem Event ist Folgendes erforderlich:
women only iconNur Frauen.
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Welcome to our weekly Castelli Donne ladies group ride!

Our courses vary week-to-week, each with the aim of being fun and supportive, allowing you to connect with other female riders.

This week we're in the scenic French countryside of Roule Ma Poule.

The ride begins with a small, 10-minute climb to warm-up, followed by a flat team cruise. We finish with a second trip up the climb, where you're free to race, push or take it easy!

Ride duration is around 50-60 minutes, at a pace of 2.0 - 2.5 w/kg.

Complete the ride to unlock the distinctive Castelli Pinkwave kit.

This is a social ride with a strong focus on staying close to the leader beacon. We ask that you respect the pace and ride together as a team.

If you’re in need of motivating tunes, check out the Squadra Castelli playlist: a new window


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Castelli Donne (D) - Race Results
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