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Sunday, December 12th
8:30AM GMT
Hotchillee Race, Ride or Conquer Sunday Endurance Series
Group Ride
The Hotchillee Race, Ride or Conquer ride is a series of Sunday morning endurance focussed rides that will build in difficulty and duration through the winter. We’ll tick off some of those big route badges on Zwift.

We’ll start out with 90-120 minute routes and build over winter to some of the real biggies.

If you want to be at the pointy end, join Race (A) and see how hard you can push it. If you drop off the pace, you can always fall into one of the slower groups coming along behind.

If you want a good solid pace endurance ride, join Ride (C). This group will be led at about 2-2.5 w/kg by one of our experienced Ride Leaders.

If you’d prefer to take things at your own pace, maybe with your own group of likeminded riders - then join Conquer (E).

The idea, just like a good sportive, is, no matter what your pace, you should find some wheels to ride with and, with double-draft enabled, should be able to hang on and tick that route off.

If you want a spicy midweek ride, check out the Hotchillee Gain Train at 1830 on Thursdays.

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