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Saturday, August 14th
3:10PM GMT
Jay Vine Stage 1 TT warm up
Group Workout
Join Zwift Academy 2021 winner Jay Vine during his warm-up, right before he starts the stage 1 individual time trial of the first Grand Tour of his career!

Since winning Zwift Academy 2021 and joining Alpecin Fenix, he has impressed on the pro circuit with strong performances at the Tour of Turkey and the Vuelta a Burgeos. This will be the first time a Zwift Academy winner will compete at a Grand Tour

The session has been designed by the Australian star at a % of his FTP, allowing you all to join along for the ride based on your own FTP. Join the ride, experience what it takes to warm up for a grand tour time trial and be sure to send your words of encouragement to Jay!

Following this warmup be sure to join the Alpecin Fenix Time Trial event in Zwift so you can have a race of your own.

Jay Vine Stage 1 TT warm up (E)
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