Saturday, September 24th
11:00AM GMT
Herd Autumn Racing Experience
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Welcome to the Herd Autumn Racing Experience (HARE)!

HARE is a 6 week series. Each week there are 7 different events – you can choose a different time each week if it fits your schedule, all races scores are part of the same league. Your first race of the weekend is your league score for the week, though you can ride it again if you like.

HARE is a race series with a variety of different scoring rules. Whatever scoring is used each week determines the placing in that race, and your placing in that race determines how many league points you receive. The winner scores 50 points, 2nd place gets 49 and so on, down to 1 point for 50th place.
In all points formats, fastest or first on each segment will be 50 points, with 1 point difference per placing. Finish placing will be worth ~1/3 of total points.

16-18 Sept – Bologna TT – TT module, fastest time in each race slot wins the race
23-25 Sept – Innsbruckring 3 laps – Points for first across line AND fastest through segment for both leg snapper, innsbruck sprint as well as points for finish place.
30 Sept – 2 Oct – Neokyo Crit Course – 5 laps – Fastest Through Segment on all segments and points for finish placing.
7-9 Oct – Tire Bouchon – 48km length – scoring on Fastest through segment ONLY on all primes, NO POINTS FOR FINISH ORDER (This will finish after Pavé sprint, make sure you finish the event to have your result count)
14-16 Oct – Harrowgate UCI 1 lap – Fastest time through segment & First across the line on each segment, and finish points
21-23 October – London 8 – Fastest time through segment, and finish points (Primes will be scored across all times for Herd Club Championship)

We use category enforcement to promote fair racing. Category enforcement reviews your 2-50 minute power curve to determine your critical power and maximal aerobic power and shows you the categories that are available for you to race in. This uses different rules to Zwiftpower, so on occasion, your category in Zwiftpower may be different to what you can enter for these races.

You must have either a smart trainer or a power meter in order to be included in the results. Heart Rate Monitors are not compulsory but recommended.

Each week some races are live-streamed on our YouTube channel a new window
For more information please see our Facebook Group: a new window
Herd Autumn Racing Experience - Race Results
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