Monday, April 3rd
1:05PM GMT
Ascenders Team Recovery Monday
Group Ride
Join Ascenders Team and friends as we dedicated to bringing you a quality recovery session with our riders' performance at the core. Our recovery ride established since 2016 and inherited by our team has been helping riders to set up for success in their training that lies ahead!

We typically capped our power levels below 55% of Functional Threshold Power (FTP) which averaged around 1.7 w/kg for a quality recovery ride; with a smooth cadence sustained in the range between 85rpm to 95rpm to optimise your ride. The ride itself is also a great time for friends to come together and share great ride stories of the week past for an emjoyable social experience.

Still cannot decide which ride to do on Monday? Join Ascenders Team which has the rider's well-being at our heart to start the week right.

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Ascenders Team Recovery Monday (D) - Race Results
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