Wednesday, June 7th
4:30PM GMT
ZZRC Midweek Mountain Madness & Sub 60
Group Ride
A very warm ZZRC welcome to our Midweek Mountain Madness group ride.

We think Alpe du Zwift is the best climb in the game, so grab a bidon and jump on your bike. Let’s go conquer those 21 hairpin turns and have some FUN!

This is a two paced ride. The Yellow Beacon will pace a sub 60 minute Alpe ascent at approx. 3.3w/kg. The Red Beacon will pace behind at around 2.5-8w/kg. This ride will have cyclists of all abilities, from those going up in under 50 minutes, to those just wanting to make it to the top for the first time.

We aim to support you all. Pick your group, encourage and push each other to new PRs, and enjoy the climb! Join the ZZRC Club on the Companion App, follow us on Facebook, but, most of all, enjoy the ride. a new window