Thursday, June 8th
3:55AM GMT
Team Italy Dancing on Pedals Ride!
Group Ride
Are you looking for the perfect companion and you are training for the weekend? This is the right place.
Please join Team Italy Dancing on pedals Ride! We’ll roll as a group at 2.0w/kg (75kg) max each week.

In this relaxing group ride we will listen to good music from our DJ and have some fun together. During the ride there will be a quiz, whoever wins the quiz will be allow to choose the next week’s playlist.

The link for the playlist is here: a new window

All you have to do is sign up, pedal and sing together, if you want dancing is also allowed….

Our sweeper team is there to help you, if requested.

It’s the red beacon on the map.

Please respect and follow the leader’s (yellow) instructions, the fence is the red barrier behind the leader, if you overtake for 60 seconds it will kick you out of the ride, so discipline is the key and anticipate with leader’s pace. If you have some extra watts, fall back, support our sweeper team and show your true power.

Please add the letter ‘[ITA]’ into your surname. When you finished the ride you will be awarded with Team Italy jersey, check your Zwift garage

#TeamItaly #Respect4Leader
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