Thursday, June 8th
8:55AM GMT
6Points/Quest79 Challenge Group Training Ride
Group Ride
6Points/Quest 79 km Cycling Challenge

6Points Cycling Challenges has been running highly successful, exciting marathon cycling events on the Balearics, monthly rides and also Zwift training rides each Sunday. 6Points’ goals are to run the very best cycling events on the planet, to raise money for local, Mallorca-based charities and to have fun doing it! See details of these at https://6pointschallenges.comOpens a new window.

On 7 September (7/9) 2021, 6Points will collaborate with Karen Darke, British Paralympic Olympian, and her Quest79 program to create inspiration for the world in this difficult time. On every Tuesday before and after that date, we will run similar events to highlight Quest79 and its special event on 7th September.

6Points already runs successful Zwift events - group rides on Sundays and races on Wednesdays - and these Zwift events add to our regular schedule. The background is:

6Points will mount two groups of events on 7 September:
1. A number of real-life 79 km rides with, if possible, a minimum of 790 meters of climbing. We hope to encourage 79 people to participate. We wish to recruit people to lead events in a number of different countries.
2. A 6Points Zwift 79 minute ride.

The rides are called 6Points/Quest 79 Challenge. You can use our Discord channel to talk to each other at a new window during the Zwift rides.

The category for the rides will be D, which we will set at 1.5 to 2.5 w/kg.

How to Register for the specific 7th September event:
The 7th September event is a Charity Ride and we ask you to register your participation at a new window.

If you are unable to donate, you are still most welcome to ride and we ask you to Register and then do not make the payment. We want as many people to join in and enjoy!

What is Quest79? www.quest79.comOpens a new window

Our 6Points Ambassador, Paralympic Gold medalist Karen Darke MBE began Quest79 to help spark a wave of positivity and enable people around the world to find their “inner gold”.

Quest79 invites you to take your own Hero’s journey. We are partnering with Quest79 to create a day of new and interesting cycling challenges! 6Points vision is aligned: to improve levels of personal and community connection, wellbeing and positivity. Please join in!

Karen was inspired to form Quest79 following the Rio 2016 Paralympics when her life events became linked together by the number 79.

● 79th Medal for Britain, Rio 2016 Paralympics
● 7th/9th attempt to hold hands & share the Bronze Medal, London 2012 Paralympics
● 79 is the atomic number for Gold
● Karen was a geologist researching hidden Gold
● 79 Delegates from 9 Countries unanimously agreed the inaugural modern Olympics should take place in 1896.
● 79 represents perpetually accumulating wisdom for individuals, humanity and the universe. Quest79 has created a wave of positivity amongst individuals and in communities around the UK and the world. Over a few hundred challenges have been completed to-date, for example:
● An 11-year-old boy climbing 79 peaks in 79 weeks
● A group of Scouts raising funds for charity by cycling and kayaking 79 miles coast to coast across Scotland
● A 10-year old girl with cerebral palsy cycling 79 miles and raising over £5K for charity
● Two sisters, age 7 and 9 creating 79 podcast episodes for children suffering from ‘messy heads’ during the pandemic
● A pensioner clearing litter in her area for 79 days.

There have been many other special quests taking place, from 79 days of kindness to 79 days of videos about protecting the marine environment - the list goes on. 6Points would like to add to these positive ripples with the rides on the 7th of September, including the Zwift ride.

The objectives for 6Points are:
1. Create inspiration and motivation in these difficult times.
2. Generate awareness of Quest79 and also 6Points.
3. Have fun.
4. Raise funds for our charities in Mallorca and also for charities selected by the ride leaders.

Also visit the list of what Quests people are doing at a new window, and see the Top Trumps card pack available later in the year to be inspired with ideas for another personal quest you might like to do to help yourself and others. Registration will give free bronze membership: bronze representing the ‘hero’ within us all!