Saturday, July 1st
9:00AM GMT
ZZRC Sprint Frenzy 2.4 to 2.8wkg
Group Ride
A very warm ZZRC welcome to our Sprint Frenzy group ride . You will be fully supported and encouraged throughout the ride by our leaders and sweeps.

This is a group ride with a difference where you will be strongly encouraged to sprint as fast as you can , when our Leader shout go!

Quick regrouping will be the key, as our leader will want to get as many sprints in as possible .

Sweeps will be in operation, but please remember , if you fall out the back on this ride, the draft effect means you will need to push at least 3.5wkg and more to catch the main group , who will be pacing between 2.4 to 2.8wkg.

If pushing is not an option then please consider using the late join facility which is available for the first 30 mins of the ride . The fence will be used to aid grouping and will be moved forward or switched off at the leaders discretion .

TIPS… Stay close to the yellow beacon
Stay away from the fence -it’s evil

Visit ZZRC Facebook, but most of all enjoy the ride .

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