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Tuesday, April 9th
11:00AM GMT
Mt. Fuji Dojo Series Group Ramp Test
Group Workout


体重が軽い方や、サイクリング初心者の方は Ramp Test Lite (Bカテゴリ)をご利用ください。

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Before starting workouts aimed at the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb, let's perform a performance check. Along with the Hill Climb TT, measure your FTP beforehand and record the growth over three months.

Characteristics of the Group Ramp Test:
The ramp test is a method of measurement that increases load gradually. This test quickly identifies the upper limit of aerobic capacity and estimates FTP (Functional Threshold Power). The ramp part of the test usually finishes in about 5–20 minutes. The initial load is light, but it gradually increases, and you should maintain a constant cadence while seated until you can no longer continue. Performing the test in a group with the same goal can help you focus more on the test.
It is less physically demanding and quicker than traditional FTP measurements (a full effort run at the limit for 20 minutes).
The content of the workout is linked to your FTP, which serves as an indicator for training. Therefore, training with different FTP values might result in less effectiveness than expected.