Friday, December 1st
12:40AM GMT
WE R Cycling Group Ride
Group Ride
Join us for the weekly endurance group ride series, hosted by WE R CYCLING team.

Depending on the course schedule, we will be riding approx. 40km on WATOPIA or LONDON or RICHMOND Routes

We will start riding at a comfortable pace of 1.5W/kg for the first lap which will be increased gradually over the laps. The final lap will give riders a chance to push themselves to the finish and those who want to continue in the group will ride at 2.5w/kg. Watch out for announcements for short sprints within the ride, but riders will regroup as a team thereafter.

This is a group ride and not a race. Riders of all abilities are welcome to join us. Please respect the pace and leader’s instructions. Always stay within the main group to experience the draft of the peloton.

Groups - D
Power - 1.5-2.5w/kg
Distance – Approx. 40km

Please tag #WERC after your display name for the ride.

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WE R Cycling Group Ride - Race Results
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TempoDistaccoWattW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg