Tuesday, June 6th
4:00AM GMT
Team Italy - Smile! It's Tuesday Ride
Group Ride
Join the Team Italy Smile! It's Tuesday Ride each week, we’ll roll as a group at a moderate 2.5-3 w/kg pace. The course varies each week, with a range of undulating routes. These rides are perfect towards Zwifters that are looking for a varied content one hour session that can give them a full 5 zone workout. Draft in the group and stay zone 1-3, or move to the front and join the sprints for zones 4 and 5 for short bursts.

Our sweeper team will help you, if requested. Experience with group rides is of advantage - we will use the power of the group to go fast, please follow the Leader (yellow) istructions, the fence is the red barrier behind the leader, if you overtake for 60 seconds it will kick out of the ride, so respect the Leader pace, if you have extra watts you can help our sweepers Team.

Please Add the tag Ita into your surname. When you finished the ride You will earn the Team Italy Jersey, check your Zwift Garage. If you like our events join our Companion Club Team Italy, Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwiftitalyOpens a new window Telegram https://t.me/ZwiftTeamItalyOpens a new window
#TeamItaly #Respect4Leader