Tuesday, June 6th
6:15PM GMT
Team Velos - Tuesday Grimpeurs
Group Ride
Grimpeurs are cycling’s climbing specialists, so join Velos and build those climbing muscles in the company of a friendly group! We explore the hillier routes in Zwift at a moderate D pace (average 2.0 w/kg, as we move you through each week from an easy D pace on Mondays (1.5 w/kg) suitable for beginners to a more challenging C pace on Thursdays (2.3 w/kg). Tuesday Grimpeurs will help you build your strength and confidence pacing on hills whilst accumulating climbing feet/metres towards the Everest Challenge. Some days we will complete climbs, others we will practice pacing on shorter climbs or tackle long climbs that can be finished as an ‘after party’ following the event end. There is no better way to get more comfortable climbing than with a fun & supportive group! Get stronger and meet your fitness targets with Velos.